About Us

Our Principles

Qwerk Emporium was set up by Carole and Lynne. Two sisters who have a real passion for the environment and the need to protect our planet. Consequently, we like all our products to be handcrafted using recycled and/or sustainable materials.

First of all, we take very great care to provide our customers with the best products available.

In addition, our aim is to source globally as well as in the UK.  Most of all we want to support all our artisans who support our principles, and together we will grow!

Which is why we buy straight from the artisans themselves or from small ethical wholesalers.

In promoting these high-quality hand-made, unique products our aim is to help to protect our environment. At the same time we are helping to alleviate poverty by supporting small business owners.

Reduce Reuse Recycle Logo wrapped around the world

Why recycled products? because, recycling reduces the need for new raw materials thus preserving our planets natural resources.

Recycling is environmentally powerful.  Making new products from existing materials helps minimise waste which causes pollution. Non-recycled waste also takes up valuable land and is costly to maintain.

Therefore, to ensure that we leave our planet in great shape for generations to come we must minimise waste going to landfill sites.


By choosing Qwerk Emporium products you will be helping too. Furthermore you will also be buying something truly unusual and especially unique!

Have a browse…..we hope you see something you like!  

Carole & Lynne  xx