“All hope is not lost, better days are yet to come.”

Whilst we were at Concept Corner last week, stocking up with our latest Qwerkemporium products, we met a lovely lady called Jan from African Hope for Single Mothers. This is a really worthwhile and inspiring organisation helping to support single mothers in Uganda and provide them with an income. There are many challenges to being a single parent in a marginalised community. It is particularly hard for women who through death or divorce are suddenly faced with the prospect of trying to provide for their family when they have no means of income. These women have often married young and with little or no education have no life skills or experience.
NGO’s and charities like African Hope for Single Mothers can help with training to teach these women new skills and also help them to learn how to manage their finances.

Jan has brought over from Uganda a lovely range of handcrafted items, including jewellery, bags and some wall art which will be on sale at Concept Corner throughout June. These beautiful items have been made from recycled materials such as beads, plastics and sweet wrappers. We are really pleased that they are being displayed alongside our Qwerkemporium products as we complement each other perfectly.

African Hope Display
African Hope Earrings

AHSM Facebook page

BACKGROUND. African Hope For Single Mothers was founded in the 2008. Based in Kampala District AHSM is recognized as a voice for single mothers in Uganda the driving force for its development.

CORE VALUES. 1. Respect for one another. 2. God fearing includes all faith. 3. Faithfulness. 4. Honesty. 5. Compasion, Love and Impartiality.


  • To empower communities with appropriate knowledge, skills attitude and values that will enable them promote full wellbeing psycho social and emotional development of all single mothers and the vulnerable groups around them like orphans.
  • To improve single mothers emancipation programs at all levels.
  • To advocate in specific terms for the education of these young single mothers and those in difficult circumstances in order to develop their potential.
  • To set up income generating projects to create jobs and improve the standard of living of these single mothers.
  • To continue with child protection programmes in schools to sensitize children about dangers related to single motherhood which is brought about as a result of engagement in early sex hence the children shall continue to be advised on abstinence until marriage.

To find out more please visit their Facebook page here

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