Bank Holiday Garden Session!

It looks like we are going to have a scorching Bank Holiday weekend! I can’t wait to get out and tidy up the garden….it is looking more like a jungle now. However, before I get too carried away with my Scythe & Sickle chopping down the foliage I need to look out for small animals nesting you just never know what is hiding in those bushes!

Garden Wildlife

If like me you were inundated with slugs last year, try one of these humane methods instead:

  • Protect your more vulnerable plants – try sprinkling coffee grounds, broken eggshells, soot or sand around the base of the plants.
  • Reuse those horrible plastic bottles if you have any by cutting in half and making a sleeve for your plants.
  • Gather them up by hand in the evenings and relocate to some common pastures.

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Bees and butterflies are the main contributors to pollination, but sadly they have been declining in numbers over the last few decades. Chemical pesticides and fertilisers are amongst the contributing factors – and we can do something about this.  I am looking at seaweed fertiliser for my plants. Seaweed is ideal as fertiliser as it stores no diseases to land plants. To encourage these wonderful little pollinators into my garden I will be planting some wild flowers seeds. I already have some Lavender and Jasmine which also attracts the bees and butterflies, so maybe I will get some Sweet William as I know that’s good for them as well.

This Little Piggy

We have some beautiful reclaimed metal garden sculptures I have been waiting to put out. I do love this cute little pig that has been hand crafted from reclaimed metal.

This little one came from one of our favourite suppliers who source the most amazing animal and bird metal sculptures made by a group of artisans from Zimbabwe using recycled oil drums and reclaimed metal. They also donate money to the RSPB for every sale of these pigs and other lovey metal ornaments. Very appropriate at the moment as it is World Fair Trade Day on Saturday 12th May (See our Fair Trade  and supplier pages) and Qwerk Emporium are supporters of fair trade products…..especially the chocolate!

The World Fair Trade Organisation aims to improve the livelihoods of marginalised producers and workers and to change unfair structures of international trade by means of fair trade. In doing so it aims to fight against poverty, climate change and global economic crises.

We can all help by looking for the Fair Trade logo and buying Fair Trade bananas, coffee, tea, sugar, flowers, chocolate etc……especially the chocolate! We can also buy clothing made from organic cotton and beauty products containing all-natural ingredients including shea and cocoa.

But back to the gardening, if it really is going to be that hot then water sources are going to be limited for our furry and feathered friends.  Our wonderful supplier has even thought of that. 

Made also from recycled oil drums and reclaimed metal and hand crafted we have several bird feeder/baths to stick in the ground so they are raised up for the birds to get their water and food.  They have also thought about our four-legged friends and have a similar one that can sit on the floor.

It is going to be a gardening weekend for me with several chocolate treat breaks!

Happy Bank Holiday weekend everyone.

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