Earth and its ecosystems are our home, it’s the only one we have. Ensuring the preservation of this fragile symbiotic partnership is paramount. Hence balancing the economic, social, and environmental needs cannot be stressed enough. This needs to be done now, for the present generation, but and more importantly for our future generations.  Therefore, is it is essential that we promote harmony with nature and the Earth.


Every year on the 22nd April, Earth Day is celebrated globally. The organisation, Earth Day Network, are galvanising all countries to end needless consumption of single-use plastics.  Especially relevant is the education of millions of people about the health and other issues associated with the use and disposal of these plastics.

Risks associated with plastics

Firstly, these risks include pollution of our oceans and waters which in turn leads to the poisoning and injuring of the wildlife within and around them. Secondly, the presence of plastics in our food also disrupts human hormones causing life threatening diseases and early puberty. Please watch these videos to see the extent of plastics in our ecosystems and food chain.

Earth Day (also known as International Mother Earth Day) is a day of political action and civil participation. It invites all Member States, the organizations of the United Nations system, international, regional and sub-regional organizations, civil society, non-governmental organizations and relevant stakeholders to observe and raise awareness of International Mother Earth Day. We can all play a part by marching, signing petitions, emailing elected officials as well as recycling, reusing, reducing or rejecting plastics.

Lynne and I started Qwerk Emporium due to our growing concern over the amount of discarded plastic and other waste materials that was causing damage to the environment. We are constantly amazed at the inventive and creative range of products that we can source from around the world made by talented artisans from plastic, old metal oil drums, tin cans etc.

Just look what can be made from recycled pastic!

How can I find out more about Earth Day?

We will be supporting Earth Day on 22nd April 2018 as we do every day 😊.

For more information please visit

You can also sign their petition to end the needless use of plastics at

Love Carole x

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