Following on from Fair Trade Fortnight, Fashion Revolution Week and World Fair Trade Day, Qwerkemporium is looking forward to World Environment Day on Tuesday 5th June. Who Is Hosting the event this year? This year India will be hosting the event and the theme is #BeatPlasticPollution. This message will be going out to governments, industries, […]

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Butterfly oval Bowl


Why Recycled Aluminium? Did you know that recycling aluminium uses 95% less energy than producing aluminium from raw materials and that it also saves 97% of greenhouse gas emissions produced in the primary production process? I didn’t until recently. When Lynne and I first started sourcing recycled products for our company we kept coming across […]

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live fair banner

Live Fair – World Fair Trade Day – 12 May 2018

“Live fair, one product at a time”. This is the message currently being delivered around the globe in response to the increasing demand for global ethical goods. The idea behind this message is to inspire a change in the way the consumers make purchases choices and to encourage them to appreciate Fair traded products and […]

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Large Recycled Tyre Planter with meadow flowers decoration

Bank Holiday Garden Session!

It looks like we are going to have a scorching Bank Holiday weekend! I can’t wait to get out and tidy up the garden….it is looking more like a jungle now. However, before I get too carried away with my Scythe & Sickle chopping down the foliage I need to look out for small animals […]

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who made your clothes


Lynne and I can remember the devastation we felt watching the news unfold about the tragedy at Rana Plaza factory. Worse thing being we were unwitting participants to this atrocity as we, like many others, most probably bought garments made in this factory over the years. This is the reason we at, Qwerk Emporium, supports […]

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