Recycled Chain Wine Bottle Holder - QWERKEMPORIUM

Recycled Chain Wine Bottle Holder


This wine rack takes up to 8 bottles of wine within the curves of recycled bicycle chains, which has been handcrafted using recycled materials making it very eco- friendly.

This makes a superb gift or addition to you home and whether you are as passionate about the environmental as us or just looking for something that is unique and quirky, fair traded, or just need somewhere to store your wine, this recycled metal wine rack is the culmination of all of them. It’s ethical, kind to the earth, handmade, and truly original and very practical.

The recycled bicycle chains have been articulated by traditional metalworkers in Moradabad in India, a region revered for its long history in metalwork. The chains have been finished with an antique copper paint, creating an aged steampunk finish.

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Size approximately H19 x L39cm.