Why Recycled Aluminium?

Did you know that recycling aluminium uses 95% less energy than producing aluminium from raw materials and that it also saves 97% of greenhouse gas emissions produced in the primary production process? I didn’t until recently.

When Lynne and I first started sourcing recycled products for our company we kept coming across recycled aluminium products, so I decided to do some research. Amongst other advantages of recycling aluminium, I discovered that the amount of energy it takes to recycle twenty aluminium beverage cans is the same as making one from raw materials.

Funky Transport!

Then we saw these wonderful model VW camper vans, VW beetles, and Harley Davidson motor bikes made from recycled cans, and fell in love with them. As did many other people because they quickly became best sellers. We have now added to our range with scooters, boats, planes and helicopters. All these brilliant creations are hand crafted for us by talented artisans in Madagascar. These lovely items sell at fairs or at our shop space in Concept Corner, New Brighton.

Alfresco Dining?

We have continued to source other recycled aluminium products and have a lovely range of bowls made from recycled aluminium. These include our brightly coloured salad bowls which are ideal for indoors or outdoors and would be a lovely addition to a barbecue spread.

Home Decor

Recently arrived are these pretty flower and butterfly patterned bowls.  All recycled food safe aluminium bowls and are all Fair Traded and hand made by Indian artisans working in cooperatives.  The products are cast, then rough polished and enamelled before being beautifully finished with a smooth polish.  Every one of these items is individually made to the very highest quality.

As we are always on the lookout for new and unusual recycled items our stock we only carry a small amount of stock so that we can provide you will a variety of products.  

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