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What about recycled rubber!

There has been a lot of publicity recently about recycling plastic and ending the consumption of single use plastic. However there are so many other types of materials filling our landfill sites and causing environmental issues, in particular rubber tyres. They are not biodegradable and due to their size take up an awful lot of space. They also trap methane gases causing them to become buoyant and rise to the surface. This in turn leads to damage of the landfill liners.

Here at Qwerk!

This got me thinking. If we can come up with lots of lovely innovative ideas for recycling plastic, what about rubber?

Here at Qwerk Emporium we have found some lovely hand crafted and hand painted planters for indoor or outdoor use that have been made from recycled rubber tyres by artisans in India. They tick all the boxes for us. They are made from recycled waste materials, they are hand crafted by fair trade artisans, and they provide a lovely home for plants. They also look beautiful filled with flowers and would make lovely indoor herb gardens.




We also love these IPad/Kindle cases made from recycled rubber inner tubes and lined with felt. Great for protecting your devices while travelling.

The science bit! ​

How is it Made? (//

Recycled rubber is produced from replaced tyres through a straightforward process. There are two main ways in which this happens:

  • AMBIENT SHREDDING uses powerful, interlocking knives to chop tyres into smaller pieces.
  • CRYOGENIC PROCESS uses liquid nitrogen to freeze them at sub-zero temperature. These cold temperatures cause the physical properties of the tire to change, and it becomes very brittle. The tyre is then placed in an enclosure in which powerful hammers smash the tire apart.

The non-rubber portions of the tyre are also recycled. For example, the steel beads that give the tyre its shape and structure are recovered by recyclers and processed into specification grade product used by steel mills for new steel.

Waste not, Want not!

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